Superga X LoveShackFancy

Superga is pleased to announce the third installment of their partnership with romanticlifestyle label, LoveShackFancy.

LoveShackFancy’s Summer collection for ladies and kids is entitled Paillettes et Soleil, meaning Glitter and Sun, and is ripe with escapism. Looking to the early days of 70s California surf culture mixed with the opulence and sophistication of the French Riviera in the 90s, this assortment pays homage to the sweet sanguine spirit of summer.

Founder of LoveShackFancy, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, utilizes the blank canvas of classic Superga styles to further amplify the season’s feeling of summoning love, optimism, renewal and much-awaited togetherness. For women, the 2750 and 2795 Hi-Tops are covered in florals – Hawaiian hibiscus, daisy, delilah, and ditsy pattern – and laced with a variety of ribbons.

“This collaboration brings the free-spirit West Coast lifestyle to the city streets. We were inspired by the 1960s Farrah Fawcett and California surf style adorning our newest sneakers with beautiful embroidery artwork, from those classic graphic tees we all love to wear! Truly the perfect sneaker meant to be worn and loved in!”
Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Founder of LoveShackFancy